Drapierte Kimonos

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  • Silky Knit
  • Lightweight silky-knit 100% ecopoly fabric made in Canada
  • Print through about 10% to inside of the fabric
  • Perfect for lounging and lazy Sundays
  • Chiffon
  • Lightweight woven chiffon fabric in 100% polyester
  • Print will be seen from both sides
  • Dramatic elegant look
Drapierter Kimono "Golden Marbles"
Drapierter Kimono „Golden Marbles“
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Drapierter Kimono "Pink Champagne"
Drapierter Kimono „Pink Champagne“
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Drapierter Kimono "Golden Black"
Drapierter Kimono „Golden Black“
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Kimono drapiert „Pasha – Butterfly Wing“
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Seidenschal "A Touch of Tiffany"
Drapierter Kimono „Golden Sand“
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